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I have always been sexually deviant, nothing illegal, but certainly not into your regular run of the mill vanilla porn. So lately I’ve been watching more and more shemale porn. Tits and dicks are both things I love to suck on and a tranny with a huge cock is a dream for me. I love the idea of hoping on a cock while sucking titties and being jerked off at the same time. And being in a 69 position and both of us cumming in each other’s mouths is always a huge turn on.

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I first got turned on to sex with trannies the first time I went to Amsterdam, I was drunk, horny and in desperate need of some touch. I guess I was in the right place at the right time because I ended up getting this hot Asian shemale. I must admit no one knows how to suck a cock like a shemale. That is probably because they have cocks and like cocks in their mouth as much as I do. It was pretty cool to also have my dick balls deep in her ass while I jerked her off. I came in her ass and then she asked me to do her one and let her cum in my mouth. It’s still one of my go to fantasies.

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While it is my own little secret, tranny’s make me hot. When I see them out I am curious. When I see porn I can’t help but get off to their huge boobs and soft skin. There is just something hot about an individual who will put themselves out there like that. Because it is not something that I am all that open about, I have found that this site gives me the material I need to fulfill my fantasy—at least until I find a big dick shemale that I can fuck. Here I get to see these hotties sucking cock, taking it in the ass and shooting their loads all over one another! Yum!

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